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Zone de Texte: This recovery process allows production of high-grade zinc metal and other metals, plus useful by-products, with high returns on investments due to high rate of recovery and low operating costs.

1- The dominant EAFD  processing  technologies are specialty smelters or Waelz kilns, which use high temperatures to convert EAFD into crude zinc oxide for further processing and iron slags. However, the Waelz kiln technology (and all pyrometallurgical processing technologies) is prone to the formation of dioxins and does not extract other materials than zinc forms. These kilns need very large scale to be economic, and mostly produce low-grade intermediate zinc products (termed ‘crude zinc oxide’), losing other metals extraction. As such, these kilns solutions cannot be considered as true ‘recycling’ operations for EAFD secondary treatment.


2- However, this new proposed advanced halide hydrometallurgical zinc process is where-possible designed as a zero-waste industrial recycling process. The metal produced are fluoride free and low to ultra low chloride content which facilitates their reuse in secondary applications.


3- Several millions of dollars have been invested over the past 5 years in the development of this EAFD Process. Following laboratory development, the process company has operated both pilot and demonstration plants during which the technology has been proven, the materials of construction have been tested and demonstrated, and significant engineering data has been generated for the process to be applied now to this EAF steel making process. Based on preliminary laboratory analysis, the process is tailored to each feedstock chemistry, allowing production of high grade extracted metals or metal products of optimum value, high recovery rates and low operating costs. EBOO development’s is the technical transfer of technology consulting firm for this EAFD process provider.


By-products value

(PWG Zinc, ZnO...)

By-products value

(From the process such as Ca)

EAF Dusts

By-products value

(MnO, Iron...)