Producing valuable metals from waste components




Zone de Texte: Steel industries producers pay significant fees to process or dispose the materials due to its hazardous waste status, loosing its metal value potential. This status is  driven by the limited availability of environment-clean processing alternatives.

1- EAFD is considered a hazardous waste In most jurisdictions (Classified code 10 02 07* in Europe by the EWC and K061 by US EPA). It consists primarily of a mixture of zinc oxide (Zincite) and zinc/iron oxide (Zinc ferrite). While the contained zinc grade varies, it is typically high (>25%, up to 45%) in mature economies.


2- The dominant EAFD processing technology is the Waelz kiln, which uses very high temperatures to convert the EAFD into intermediate crude zinc oxide products for further processing and iron slag. This technology cannot be considered true ‘recycling’ operations since not all valuable metal are extracted from the dust.


3- This new proposed chemical extraction process targets metals extraction at a high  recovery rate. Depending on the project requirements, the extracted products could include zinc metal, zinc sulphide and/or zinc oxide, and lead, silver, iron and calcium by-products. The choice of products will depend on local market factors, the size of the project, and the composition of the EAFD feedstock.


3- This recovery patented process is ready for immediate industrial implementation on each and appropriate EAFD recycling project, which is an enhanced halide hydrometallurgical technology developed to extract and recover valuable metals and Rare Earths Elements.


4- As usual  with these processes in waste recycling, preliminary laboratory tests are mandatory to validate the local EAFD chemistry behavior before establishing the dedicated  process and start the construction.


5- EBOO Development’s technical assistance engineering work is to co-organize together with the process company such testing and laboratory studies steps to reach the final process specifications, allowing to build the recycling units. EBOO development’s is the technical transfer of technology consulting firm for this process provider.

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EAFD typical chemistry